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Why we love quotes

2013-10-22 17:38:44

"Everything you do. Everything you say... definitely touches someone else, in some sort of way."

Quotations are our favourite way to source inspiration, they can change your way of thinking and leave you feeling positive. If you were to go by the testimony of achievers, they found a strea... Read More...

Vintage Headwear

2013-09-20 09:14:29

Looking stylish needn't mean looking like everyone else. ..on the contrary. Vintage is the most original choice if you like your fashion with character and personality. There’s the thrill of finding something unique, something with provenance and something which is yours alone. You won&rsqu... Read More...

Harris Tweed Hats

2013-09-09 10:22:01

Harris Tweed has been in the fashion world since the 1920s, mainly in the form of wealthy gentlemen's suits. Since then, it has evolved into a trend that is still one of the hottest looks for autumn/winter. Harris Tweed has been described as “The Champagne of Fabrics”, it's unique and... Read More...

Vintage Style Hats

2013-08-29 17:34:50

A wise woman once said "A hat is not just a hat. A hat is the expression of a woman's soul" and Sara Colacicco, originator of the Sara Tiara label couldn't agree more. Sara has been working in design and fashion all her life and has created a wonderful collection of stylish headwear from vintage ... Read More...

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